Angela Caddell Photos & Designs | FACTS

*After reading the following, you may proceed to the Book Now page. 

Studio Hours:
Monday-Friday  6pm during the school year.  8am-7pm during the summer. 8am-6pm during designated holidays.
Saturday- Same Hours as above, however only 2-3 out of month I will be available.
Sunday- CLOSED
PAYMENT:  The Session Fee of $60 is due at the time of the session. A minimum deposit of $30 is required to book a session and to be added to the calendar. This deposit is non-refundable if you cancel under the stated policy or if you are a no show to the session. Payment is to be made in either CASH or Check made out to Angela Caddell (please do not include photography or photos & designs). Payments for any additional services or products are to be paid prior to or at the time of delivery of product. 
ADDITIONAL FEES: A travel fee ($1.00 per mile charge) is charged when roundtrip travel from “Angela Caddell Photos & Designs” office exceeds 30 miles. All additional fees must be paid in full before any photos or products are released to the Client. In the event that the Client specifies a certain location to be used during the shoot, the Client is responsible for all location fees involved. The Client is also responsible for arranging the location access and any permits/passes related to doing so, unless “Angela Caddell Photos & Designs” says there is no need. 
LOCATION: Onsite locations will be discussed and confirmed prior to the session. “Angela Caddell Photos & Designs” does take into consideration any location suggestions/requests. If you aren’t sure on a location, please refer to for location ideas. In Studio is also any option. 
SCHEDULING: The client is to check the availablity calendar on and contact “Angela Caddell Photos & Designs” to inquire about a preferred date and time. A 2nd date/time for a backup is recommended. Please be sure to acknowledge “Angela Caddell Photos & Designs” Hours for Summer/School and for weekends.  Please book 2 weeks or more out from when you are needing them done. The sooner the better!!!! Please read below regarding PROOFING/ORDERS. 
RESCHEDULING: In the event that the Client needs to re-schedule a session, notice must be given at least 2 days/48 hours prior to the scheduled time and must be rescheduled within 3 month(s) in order to not have to repay a new deposit. “Angela Caddell Photos & Designs” makes no guarantee that the new session date requested will be available.
COOPERATION:  The parties agree to cheerful cooperation and communication for the best possible result within the definition of this assignment. “Angela Caddell Photos & Designs” is not responsible if key individuals fail to appear or cooperate during the session, or for missed images due to details not revealed to “Angela Caddell Photos & Designs”.
OUTFITS AND TIME: The amount of time it takes to change into outfits will count towards the total amount of the session time. Sessions are approximately 1 hour. In the event that the Client is late to the appointment set, the Client’s session will still end at the same scheduled ending time. Additional time may be purchased in hour increments of $20 per hour. (session time will be discussed prior to the session). If at any time “Angela Caddell Photos & Designs” are late to a session, contact will be made to the client and a credit of some form will be given.  Please allow enough travel time to your session to arrive on time.
MODEL RELEASE: The Client grants “Angela Caddell Photos & Designs” unrestricted rights to use and publish any images taken at the session for the promotion of its business and services. Including but not limited to: samples, website, blog, internal or external promotion material, entry in photographic contests or art exhibitions, editorial use, or for studio display. MINOR RELEASE: Clients 18 years of age and younger will need permission from their legal guardian in order for "Angela Caddell Photos & Designs" to take their photograph. Please state this permission in your e-mail.
COPYRIGHT AND REPRODUCTIONS: The photographs produced by “Angela Caddell Photos & Designs” are protected by Federal Copyright Law (all rights reserved) and may not be reproduced in any matter without “Angela Caddell Photos & Designs” written permission. Any reproduction, display, distribution and/or use of the copyrighted images for advertising or commercial use shall be allowed only upon “Angela Caddell Photos & Designs” written permission specifying usage and fees. 
CREATIVE LICENSE: Images are edited at “Angela Caddell Photos & Designs” sole discretion. “Angela Caddell Photos & Designs” reserves the right to use professional judgment to select which photos to deliver. Such selection shall constitute all images that will be made available to Client.
PROOFING: Angela Caddell Photos & Designs could take up to 2 weeks or longer to edit a session and get them uploaded to your personal gallery on their website. Our goal is to get them done sooner. Galleries will be available for a month after upload. During this time you will have that opportunity to view them and decide what you would like to order. Please take this into consideration when Booking. A reload fee of $25 will be charged per month, and to be paid prior to reloading your personal gallery.  All Client-requested retouching not included in the posted images will be billed at a rate of $20 per image. (Correction of coloring, items out of place etc.)   
PRICE LIST AND ORDERS: The charges in this Agreement are based on “Angela Caddell Photos & Designs” current Price List. This Price List is valid for a period of 90 day(s) after the date of the Client’s session. Any order placed must be paid in full prior to delivery of product. All ordered images will be archived for 12 month(s) and unordered images will be purged. All ordered images and products will be delivered direct to the Client unless otherwise stated. Additional delivery charges will apply. Rush orders can be placed for an additional charge of $30.